DRDO tests new Surface-To-Air Missile

The QRSAM in action (Source)
  1. The range is between 25 and 30 km
  2. The missile uses a solid-fuel propellant
  3. It has a dual-thrust propulsion stage, much like a two-stage missile
  4. The QRSAM can also target and shoot down sea-skimming low-altitude anti-ship missiles (the best ones include the Exocet, the P-700/1000 and the Harpoon missiles, to name a few)
  5. They can be operated in all weather conditions
  6. The test was conducted using a mobile truck launcher in Complex 3 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur, Odisha
  7. The missiles were canister launched, like the Russian S-400
  8. The mobile launch vehicle will have all-terrain capability
  9. This system was first tested on July 14, 2018, and was said to have multiple-target capability
  10. The first test of the QRSAM was held on June 4, 2017, at the ITR in Chandipur
  11. This is the sixth such test since 2017
  12. The previous iteration of the missile also included Bharat Dynamics Limited and Bharat Electronics Limited as co-developers.
  13. The QRSAM is designed to replace the Russian 9k33 OSA (NATO code-SA-8 Gecko) and the 2K12 Kub (NATO Code SA-6 Gainful) missiles which have a range of 2 to 9 km and 6–22 km respectively
  14. The missiles will be mounted on a 6-wheeled Tata truck
  15. The truck will have multiple axles allowing a maximum load-carrying capacity of 8.5 tons, a maximum range of 500 km, a top speed of 80 kmph and a 36-degree maximum angle of approach.
  16. The Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) has certified it for use in all combat environments as the truck successfully passed all tests it was subjected to
  17. From the video, the drone seems to be the Banshee, a remotely-piloted unmanned aerial vehicle developed by UK-based Meggitt Defence Systems Limited, a company that also supplies UAVs to NATO forces
  18. The drone has passive and active radar enhancement, radar chaff
    and infrared decoy dispensing pods, a daylight surveillance package, pyrotechnic visual and infrared enhancements, plus a variety of black-body infrared augmentation devices, depending on the mission requirements

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Automobile Engineer. Content Writer. Biker. Defense Enthusiast. Indian.

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Adreesh Ghoshal

Adreesh Ghoshal

Automobile Engineer. Content Writer. Biker. Defense Enthusiast. Indian.

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